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  • $110.00

Everrything about the commercial HD (Heavy Duty) is tough, thicker steel, bigger piston, stronger internals and more oil and Nitrogen capacity all combined to make this the toughest shock in the range. Incorporating the hide and handling characteristics of the Pro Sport with the brute strength of the Big Bore Expedition shock result in a standard travel shock perfectly fit for military service. Painted in a deep coat of grey with stealthy black Terrafirma logo this shock goes against the striking colour trend of the rest of the range to best suit its heavy duty military and commercial applications. The Commercial HD shock is a super tough thick wall steel, twin tube design with our massive 20mm shaft and new 46mm piston. Low pressure nitrogen keeps the oil under pressure which prevents it from cavitating which causes shock fade, something the Commercial HD shock is never troubled with.

Part Number: TF143