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Commercial Sales

You might only associate us with Off-Road equipment, and that's ok. That is how we branded ourselves and that is who we are at heart, BUT, what you might not know is that we stock over 10,000 various repair bits and bobs, too. From hubs, bearings, water pumps, radiators, timing chain kits and so much more, we truly are the one stop shop for all your Land Rover needs.
While it has taken us a while, we have found a way to offer you better service. In the past, we were limited to offering you a discounted rate only via phone or email. Moving into 2024, we know things move at incredible speeds and more often than not, it is inconvenient to make a phone call or send an email. We are hoping this web service will allow you to order what you need, when you need it and not have to wait for us. Our website is fully capable of handling all your ordering needs and will also offer you the best shipping options with true delivery times. Please note our inventory moves quickly, too, so often the website is not accurate so we do ask you reach out if it is an expedited matter and we can assist you with that. 
We will send out a weekly email, usually on or around Tuesday, that will have some special discounts and showcasing some new items and keep you informed of the latest and greatest so you and your customers can stay on top.
And as always, you can still email or call us if you want a better deal than this and based on the size of the order, we will do our best to give it to you. Thanks again!
To set yourself up with a commercial account with Lucky 8 and start saving $ with a website discount code, email sales@LK8parts.com now to get started.