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Rear Upper Arm Front Bush Polybush Kit

Rear Upper Arm Front Bush Polybush Kit

  • $118.00

We have a New Polybush Dynamic Orange
Part# LR051621PY

Rear upper wishbone - front kit

    LR3 / Discovery 3
    LR4 / Discovery 4

Features & Benefits
Polybush’s use of high quality pure materials offers immense flexibility and resilience, providing original ride comfort with the durability of Polyurethane. All of their bushes are designed and engineered to exact specification. Keeping suspension working as the manufacturer intended.

Benefits of fitting Polybush include:
> Easy to fit- the original fit and forget
> Less downtime- keeping your vehicle on the road
> Reduced MOT costs
> Lasts 4-5 times longer than rubber
> Controlled suspension movement
> Impressive & Confident ride
> Prolonged tyre life
> Unaffected by oil, fuel and road contaminants
> Fixes premature bush failures
> No requirement for specialist tools