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Anyone that has owned a Land Rover, knows of the sensitivity to heat the Aluminum V8 (4.0, 4.6, RV8, Rover V8) has. One of the most commonly overlooked parts of the cooling system is the radiator. Many think it's not leaking it is fine, when over the years it has built up deposits and is restricting coolant flow. This will cause the temperatures to climb as heat builds up, leading to a damaged motor, warped heads or blown head gaskets. To help keep your 1995-1998 Range Rover (SE, HSE, P38, RR) running cool and reliable we have a brand new replacement radiator for the GEMS motor.
This will not work for the Bosch motors. If you are unsure if this will work for your Range Rover please call us at 716-898-8153 so we can make sure to get you the right part for your needs.

As always our parts are top quality, direct fit parts. We offer fast shipping to get your Land Rover back on the road quickly.

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  • Range Rover 4.0 (P38) | '95 - '99
  • Range Rover 4.6 (P38) | '95 - '99


 Part number PCC106940