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This kit is for the person who plans on off-roading with their LR3, LR4. The stand out feature in this kit over the street kit is that we have included limiting straps. With the bump-stop spacers, you gain additional down travel and may run the risk of over flexing the axles of your Land Rover. When this happens, you run a higher chance of binding the CV joints beyond their capability, which can cause failure. The limiting strap will prevent this from happening and keep you moving on the trails. The Proud Rhino SYA Off Road Extension Kit is ideal for the person who currently has a lifted truck. This kit includes the whole Bump-Stop spacer kit including spacers, airline extensions and mounting hardware, and the set of 4 – limiting straps.

***Please note that you will not be able to put your truck into access height if you install the SYA kit***

Part Number: PRSYAOR


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Instructions can be found at this link : https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2178/4267/files/SYA_install_2022.pdf?v=1643221119