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  • $1,188.00

Finally, the Rock Sliders you have been looking for!
 Sliders are a critical piece of off-road equipment as they protect the vulnerable door sills from damage. Designed and formed using 3/16” steel, these offer full sill-to-frame protection with easy bolt-on installation. That means NO DRILLING REQUIRED and all necessary mounting hardware is included. They also allow you to keep your factory sill trim piece intact. That is a big deal because it eliminates the common door seal issues associated with other sliders that tend to leave the unfinished sill exposed. The tubular tree bar design allows you to smoothly navigate around objects while protecting the side of your truck from unwanted damage while doubling as a sidestep to ease access in and out of the truck. Another standout feature is the EAS compressor pocket. It has been designed to allow for the larger AMK compressor and it’s housing. This means that you are able to maintain the original housing that encases your compressor, protecting it from all of the elements that you throw at it and giving you a quieter ride as well.



Part Number: PRRS34