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New Transfer Case Sump Cover - DA9016

New Transfer Case Sump Cover - DA9016

  • $208.00

We have a New Transfer case sump cover

Part No: DA9016


  • Series 1, 2, 2A and 3 models (except V8)


Billet transfer case sump oil coolers are designed to replace the flimsy sump covers supplied as standard equipment. These covers are stronger than the originals and have cooling fins to keep the oil in your transfer case cool in harsh conditions. This Series model is supplied with a new gasket and replacement fastening bolt to replace the brittle standard studs. Being solid aluminum, the cover completely eliminates leaks caused by differential expansion. If your vehicle is pre 1980 you can use your existing drain plug and washer. Owners of Later Series Vehicles with Metric fasteners should purchase a plug (Land Rover part 235592) to fit the threads in this casting. As the cover expands at the same rate as the aluminium transfer case the stubborn oil leaks associated with the original steel cover are completely eliminated.