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MUD Puma Heater Deflector (PHD)

MUD Puma Heater Deflector (PHD)

  • $62.00

The MUD Puma Heater Deflector solves the problem of that crude and annoying blast of hot air to your lower legs in all Puma engine Defenders (2007 onwards, 2/2.4Tdci).

The PHD redirects the flow of air from the lower heater outlets forwards into the footwell, rather than directly at your legs to create a more comfortable driving environment.

The PHD moulding fixes easily in place using the supplied push-fit fasteners and can be fitted in 5-minutes (see fitting instructions tab above).All you need is a 4.5mm drill. Position the PHD. Drill the fixing holes in the lower dash section and fix the PHD in place using the push-fit fasteners.

Part number MUD-0020