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Replacing worn steering parts on your 1999-2004 (99-04) Discovery II (Discovery 2, DII, or D2) will help keep maintenance costs down along with keeping you and your family safe.

Worn tie rod ends or bent track rods lead to uneven tire wear, steering that wonders and increased fuel costs. Keeping your Land Rover Discovery tracking straight true and safe is important. We have a new complete complete track rod assembly including Tie Rod Ends (TRE). Making replacement a one step easy process you can easily accomplish. Be sure to get a alignment done after replacement. This assembly is the one located behind the front axle. PR2 AllMakes4x4 Brand.

If you require the drag link assembly, look here: https://lucky8llc.com/products/steering-bar-drag-link?_pos=2&_sid=e6364f0fb&_ss=r

We also sell them as a set together: https://lucky8llc.com/products/steering-drag-link-track-tie-rod-end-bar-set-x2?_pos=3&_sid=e6364f0fb&_ss=r

If you would like a complete kit both front and rear assemblies we offer a Heavy Duty (HD) kit by TerraFirma, please follow the link https://lucky8llc.com/products/terrafirma-discovery-2-steering-rods?_pos=4&_sid=e6364f0fb&_ss=r

As always our parts are top quality, direct fit parts.

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