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D2/P38 BOSCH Engine Head Gasket Kit w/ Bolts

  • $102.00

We have the Quality Head Gasket Set you have been looking for. The most important thing you should know about our head gasket kit is we provide OEM bolts and composite head gaskets. The bolts are one of the most important parts of the head gasket installation. Don't be fooled and install cheap knockoff bolts. This item includes 2 valve cover gasket, 2 composite head gaskets, and valve seal kit (all gasket and seals). This kit is needed for a head cylinder job. Fits Range Rover 99.5 to 2002. This kit is needed for a head cylinder job. Please note that this kit includes the much need upper intake manifold gasket.

  • Discovery II
  • Range Rover 4.0 (P38)
  • Range Rover 4.6 (P38) 

Part Number: STC4082=B=P