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G4 Expedition Roof Rack

  • $1,888.00

We have a New G4 Expedition roof rack
Part# DA4720

Full luggage rail - gutter mount

2.6m x 1.2m


Defender 110 - hard top & station wagon

> An 'all in one' rack without detachable parts and a luggage rail which completely surrounds the roof rack.
> The roof rack neatly follows the profile of the roof to provide two floor levels and fixes to the rainwater gutter only. This roof rack cannot be fitted to a vehicle where an external roll cage has been fitted.
> Includes 4 spotlight brackets at the front and 1 spotlight bracket at the rear.
> Heavy duty steel roof rack, grit blasted, primed with a zinc enriched powder undercoat and finished with a durable black powder coat.
> Does not allow a sunroof to be opened.
> Not compatible with a roof tent.
> Standard pack includes a steel roof rack and rain gutter fixing bolts.

Dimensions refer to the usable loading area.