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Front EBC Green Stuff Performance Brake Pads DA4149

Front EBC Green Stuff Performance Brake Pads DA4149

  • $98.00

We have a New EBC Green Stuff brake pads

Part# DA4149

Corresponds to - see below


  • Discovery 2 - SFP500150 / SFP000210
  • Range Rover P38 - 1995 - 2002 - SFP500120 / SFP100460


> 100% British design and manufacture
> Extra high friction compounds for better stops, these pads will improve your stopping power by up to three vehicle lengths
> Superb gloss powder coat paint finish to reduce corrosion
> Special compound ingredients that prevent 'outline etching' eliminating brake stiction onto the rotor in damp conditions
> Unique engineering finish with noise reduction slots and edge chamfers
> Unique 'Brake-In' surface coating to accelerate pad bed in after installing new pads which also guarantees brake efficiency right from install
> Super quiet braking with rubber-steel -rubber noise reduction shims on the reverse, this dampens all possible noise
> Extra heavy duty compound lasts longer that low cost standard pads
> Fully ECE R 90 approved and legal for road and off road use

For exact change over points with vehicle applications please contact us with the full chassis number for the correct application. These references are intended as a guide only.