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ASHCROFT Salisbury Late style Rear Halfshafts

  • $628.00

We are now able to offer Late Style Heavy Duty Rear Halfshafts for the 90/110 Salisbury Rear Axle. These halfshafts are sold with our 5 YEAR replacement warranty against breakage

The half shafts and drive members we provide are warranted against BREAKAGE, not against wear caused by ‘fretting corrosion’ of the spline/drive member interface. This ‘fretting corrosion’ is a direct result of lack of lubrication, a design fault, and is common on grease filled hubs, we therefore recommend removing the half shaft seal to allow oil to migrate along the half shaft to keep the spline lubricated.

Application – to suit later 300 tdi and pre 2002 Td5 110 rear axles.

Part Number: Sal Late