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Revers Cut for front Diff. Dave has done it again! Ashcroft has created a new product line crucial to the off-roading world. Their new and improved Heavy Duty Ring and Pinion sets are here to make your Rover as strong as it can be! Dave has done this with a number of different design enhancements that he feels surpass that of their competitors.1) To provide their customers with a vast variety, there are now five different ratios to select from (3.50, 3.75, 4.12, 4.37, and 4.75) 2) All Ring and Pinion now have both normal rear directional and newly added reverse cut, the front axle may now drive on the stronger side of the gear to provide maximum strength.3) A lower count was needed to increase the strength so eight teeth have been used in different configurations. The result is wider tooth that allows better absorption of shock loading on your vehicle.4) For your convenience, Ashcroft also offers easier fittings. All pinions accept the standard 24 spline flanges and have the female threads compatible for bolts. 5) The new heavy-duty ring and pinion sets are also constructed out of lab tested genuine materials. This was done due to disappointment in quality of previous materials and to increase durability. 6) To further increase the life span of your parts and create a unique appearance, Ashcroft has coated these ring and pinion sets in Chemical Black, preventing corrosion and provide more resistance.7) The highlight though, of the new product's strengths is its Helix angle. This is the increased angle of the teeth's "scroll," resulting in more contact area. With a larger contact area, pressure is displaced and the ring and pinion.

Part Number: HD 3.5F