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ARB ZERO Fridge, 63-Quart / 60-Liter Single-Zone Travel Refrigerator And Freezer

  • $1,332.00

Engage in the new age of mobile overland food storage with the revolutionary Zero Fridge from ARB!

With a Zero Fridge, you can easily monitor temperature, voltage, and more on the go. Zero series fridge freezers feature Bluetooth wireless technology that enables you to monitor and control temperature (multi-zone for dual-zone models), compressor status, battery voltage, setting mode (up to three user-defined modes), and power – all via your Android or Apple Bluetooth-enabled device!

ARB Zero Series fridge freezers also feature a quick-release lid that can be mounted to the front or side of the fridge freezer, for your choice of front or side-opening access. These fridge freezers also have dimmable LED control panels, front and rear DC-power inlets, a front AC power inlet, and a USB port next to the front control panel – perfect for charging mobile phones!

Inside, the LED interior lights provide nighttime illumination, the versatile internal basket system can be easily maneuvered or removed, integrated evaporation system reduces condensation, and the highly-efficient, variable-speed compressor provides fast and accurate temperature control. Outside, the durable steel outer casing has built-in full height corner moldings for added protection, plus recessed carrying handles with integrated tie-down points. Available in single zone or dual zone configurations. Single zone fridge freezers feature one temperature controlled compartment while Dual Zone fridge freezers feature two, independently controlled compartments.

63 Quart Zero Fridge Freezer Specs:

    Zone: Single
    Internal Capacity: 63 Quarts
    Can Fitment: 96 (12oz Cans)
    Cooling Capacity: -8°F to +50°F
    Weight: 54.2lbs
    External Dimensions: 29.7in x 18.5in x 19.5in
    Upper Compartment Internal Dimensions: 22.8in x 12.8in x 7.8in
    Lower Compartment Internal Dimensions: 15.8in x 12.8in x 7.1in
    Voltage: 12/24V DC or 100-240V AC
    Outlet: 5V USB (3000mA)
    Integrated-Battery Protection System: Yes
    Power Consumption: 0.8Ah (DC12V set at 41°F w/ 89.6°F ambient temperature)