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ARB Solis Intensity Light Kit with Harness - Spot/Spot - SJB36SKIT

  • $693.00

SJB36SKIT - ARB Solis Intensity Light Kit with Harness - Spot/Spot

The iconic driving light now has a brother. Incorporating new in house engineered and designed optics partnered with OSRAM LED technology and styling updates, the ARB Intensity Solis has pushed the limits of driving light technology once again and produced a unique design, feature packed and highly capable driving light.

  • Offered in a dedicated spot or flood optic and included optional colored (Red/Black) bezel inserts that will surely please all in the market, as well as updating to a high pressure die cast bracket that provides a rock-solid foundation for this beast of a light to mount too. This is only the start, the ARB Intensity Solis driving light also includes a digital-controlled touchpad that controls dimming for your set of ARB Intensity Solis driving lights as well as many other new features.
  • One Light, Two Colors Included:
    • New interchangeable bezels are included with the light that can be changed easily by the customer. Colors featured are the iconic ARB red and also a Black for a stealth look on the front of the vehicle.
  • Touchpad for Dimming Control:
    • The ARB Intensity Solis includes a unique digital-dimmer control. Preset brightness settings are hard programmed into the controller to enhance your driving experience. Using modern styling lines and designs, the controller was kept as small as possible to provide a seamless fit and finish to modern dashboards.

ARB Touchpad

  • The ARB Intensity Solis has a plug-and-play harness which includes H4 and HB3 connectors to quickly connect into most vehicle lighting systems. A unique 4-pin connector to the rear of the ARB Intensity Solis keeps one cable per light to improve cable management on your vehicle.
  • LINX Compatible:
    • The ARB Intensity Solis can be fully integrated with the ARB LINX system to provide complete control over your Intensity Solis lighting system with the use of the optional LINX controller harness (coming September, 2020).
  • Optional Light Covers:
    • Amber, black, and clear covers are available for for adjusting to different driving environments and regulatory requirements. Each light comes with a clear cover included. Covers are sold individually (1 EA).
  • The ARB Intensity Solis is a welcomed update to an iconic Australian driving light. With the new updates to the ARB Intensity Solis driving lights, spot and flood combinations are excellent choice to provide safe visibility. Continuing a tradition of never compromising, superior grade electronics and LED’s, first class ARB active-thermal management, new grades of paint finishes for the bezels, and optimized lens and optic configurations, the ARB Intensity range of lights continues to sets new standards in vehicle lighting.