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All ARB Air Lockers are manufactured in a world class, aerospace standard machine shop in Melbourne. Utilising aerospace grade materials and state of the art machinery, the facility ensures that the Air Locker maintains its reputation for quality, durability and reliability throughout the world. The ARB Air Locker is the only locking differential that offers an industry leading five year warranty and is available for an extensive range of vehicle models, with over 100 applications.?ARB Air Locker diff locks dominate the world's toughest off road event.?With a commitment to research, development, design, testing and production ARB Air Lockers set the benchmark for quality and reliability - two things crucial to competition use. So if you need traction you can rely on, rely on ARB Air Lockers....the world's best already do. FEATURES Provides 100% traction on demand without affecting on road drivability or driveline wear Vastly improved traction means less reliance on momentum, which reduces the likelihood of vehicle damage and environmental impact. Easy, convenient operation allows the user to concentrate on the terrain Ultra durable and extremely strong - only the highest quality materials used in construction.

Part Number: RD217