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Suspension Air Compressor + Relay OEM

  • $508.00

Chances are that you are reading this listing because your Range Rover Sport Supercharged 06 - 09, Range Rover Sport 06-09 or LR3 05-09 is having an air suspension malfunction and displaying an amber-colored EAS light on your dashboard. You are probably also seeing codes such as C1A20, C1A1364, C1A20-64 OR C50 and your Land Rover is telling you “Suspension Fault: Normal Height Only” or “Vehicle Raising Slowly”.

Unfortunately for you it sounds like your air compressor has finally given up. But don’t feel singled out because they all eventually go bad. If you’ve come this far you’ve probably already ventured to a repair shop or your local Land Rover dealer ship and received a replacement quote of $1400 or more. They most likely are looking to replace with the newer version of the air compressor made by AMK. This will involve them cutting and splicing your air lines and putting in a whole new compressor and compressor housing.

If you don't want to upgrade you can replace your broken unit with a brand new compressor and upgraded relay. This is the exact same unit that Land Rover originally placed in your truck the day it rolled off the production line. This means that there is no cutting, no splicing and no new housing unit needed for your compressor and you can save $$$$. So replace your worn out air compressor with our brand new air compressor and get your Land Rover back on the road.