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OEM ABS Module Switch Repair Kit Wabco

  • $71.99

Does your beloved 1999-2004 Land Rover Discovery 2 have the dreaded "3 Amigos"?? For those who are unaware of the terminology, that is when your Traction Control, ABS and Downhill Decent Control lights are all lit up at the same time on your dashboard. Hence the name "3 Amigos" as they always come on together. Chances are the switch in your ABS modulator under the hood has gone bad and you need this kit to repair it. This is a brand new OEM part from WABCO in Germany. WABCO made the original ABS Modulator that is already in your truck, so do not settle for anything less than a WABCO replacement part for proper fitment. Please see that each unit is shipped with the WABCO Security Seal still intact so you know that you are getting the part you are paying for. We always have these in stock and most of the time can ship out the same day. Express shipping is available if needed, so please call.

 Part Number: SWO500030