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New ARB Compact Directors Chair - Black

New ARB Compact Directors Chair - Black

  • $105.00

ARB Compact Directors Chair (Black) - 10500131A.

Sporting Old Man Emu colors and an anodised aluminium cross support frame, the ARB Compact Directors Chair features full high back support, an auto folding table with cup holder, cooler bag and padded arm rests to keep you comfy and organised out on the campsite. No matter if it's on an off road track or backyard BBQ! Plus, when the day is done and it's time to pack up, a simple folding mechanism helps the chair neatly fold down for a perfect fit into its easy pack carry bag

High back for added support
Side table with oversized cup holder
Magazine pocket on the back of seat
PVC-lined carry bag with reversible zips and handles
Cooler bag with mesh pockets
Easy folding action with lock-out button
Anodised aluminium cross support frames
Safety lock
Rated to 130kg
Weight: 7kg

Part Number: ARB 10500131A