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D1/RRC Ashcroft Front HD Axle/CV Kit

  • $1,088.00

Ashcroft shafts and CVs have been proven in competitions and used on the Lucky 8 Disco. These shafts where designed to meet the demands of competition and are used by many winning vehicles worldwide. The kit comes with 2 front shafts 2 CV"s 2 CV boots 4 x boot clips 2 shaft clips. The shafts and CV"s are covered by a 5 year replacement warranty !Ashcroft uses the same proven materials as their other shafts and CV"s, 4340 for the shaft and CV outer and 300M for the cage and innerAND to top it off Rover Dog has inspected them so they will be ready to meet the challenges of your next adventure

1994-1999 Disco 1 w/ ABS
1995 RRC w/ ABS

Part Number: CVABSKIT