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Workshop Guide | Defender 2 (L663) Tire Size Guide

Posted by Chris Jeyes on

Lucky8 was proud to be the first to fit 35" tires on our 2020 Land Rover Defender 110. We ran those 35s, decided to try some 34s and even a few 33's too. I don't mean "tried" as in fitted them in the shop. We use our trucks, wheel our trucks, and are always searching for that perfect set-up.

Chances are you found this post by typing in "how do I fit ##" tires on Defender 110" or "biggest tires that fit on Defender 110," (don't worry, our search history is littered with similar dirty little secrets). This is probably the most popular topic we get asked about so we have created a simple table to serve as your guide to fitting tires on the Defender 110/90.

Ok, so the answer in many instances isn't as simple as a yes or no, and that's because fitting larger tires requires some light modifications.  Is it reasonably simple, yes, but I wouldn't trust most places to modify my brand new $70k+ Defender 110.  Send your truck to Lucky8 and we'll do the lift, trimming and wheel/tire install. Or you can pay the dealer a ton of money to fix the problem your local guy creates after he screws up your vehicle because hes never done it, unlike us who have done it for multiple customer builds. What do we know, we've only been doing this for 15+Years.

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