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  • $1,575.00

Tactical Rovers allows LR4 owners to maximize their approach angle with their new winch bumper. LR3 owners will also be able to outfit their vehicle with a winch. Tactical Rovers front bumper is a two piece design that allows easy installation of the bumper and winch with a strong and durable design. The 1/4 inch winch plate mounts to stock mounting locations on the frame of the vehicle. The 10 guage steel bumper shell then mounts to the winch plate and frame of the vehicle saving owners from having to lift a heavy bumper outfitted with a heavy winch to mount it to the vehicle. Tactical Rovers has designed the best looking LR4 bumper on the market. Front winch bumper requires replacement and relocation of the windshield washer reservoir. This requires purchase of a new reservoir and drilling of holes to accept stock pump and sensors. Reservoir can be relocated to the engine compartment of the vehicle.

Price for Raw Steel Bumper is $1,575

Price for bumper Powdercoated Black is $1,700

Part Number: T4X4LR4FB