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  • $960.00

TR rear bumpers offer extreme departure angles and wrap under the body on the sides to protect the body from impacting rocks on treacherous trails. Bumpers are made from laser-cut 3/16” P in O steel and bent using Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) bending. TR bumpers are welded using top quality welding equipment to ensure proper penetration and maximum weld strength. Rear bumpers are designed to accommodate the stock hitch mount. This allows owners to retain the class 3 towing capabilities of the vehicle. Important Note: TR bumper installation does require trimming the body behind the rear tires. This is necessary to improve the departure angle of the vehicle and cutting templates are included in the kit. Bumpers are powder coated to protect them against the elements and corrosion, but can also be sold raw for those who want to paint it themselves for easy scratch touch up.

Part Number: TRRRBMP002