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  • $2,796.00

This winch is the ultimate high performance single motor electric winch, capable of being used in the most demanding conditions. The Viper is an excellent choice when it comes to the best competition lowline electric winching for your vehicle. RED Winches has designed and developed this high performance winch for 4x4 competition use and serious motorsport events. It has been designed with the competition in mind and has many features ideally suited to high performance motorsport events. All products at RED winches have been through an extensive design and testing program before going on sale so you can use all our winches with confidence they will not let you down. The Viper can give you speeds of 20m/min pulling 2700kg (24v on 12v BOW 2) and 14m/min pulling 2700kg (12v on 12v BOW 2).

Part Number: Viper