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  • $4,909.00

The Hornet is an excellent choice when it comes to competition electric winching for your vehicle. The Hornet can give you speeds of 40m/min (131ft/min) for the standard model, and 60m/min (197ft/min) with the Hornet ‘Overdrive’ gear set (available separately) giving you a choice so you have the power and speed when you need it. Capable of pulling a minimum of 4.5 Tonnes the winch can easily get you out of trouble quickly, quietly and with minimum effort time and time again. The winch body is CNC machined from high grade heat treated aerospace aluminium from solid billets. We only use the best machine tools and machining processes to ensure stress is kept to a minimum and strength to its maximum. With its new patented air free spool and brake system the Hornet offers something previously unavailable on a winch to the off-road and motorsport sectors.

Part Number: Hornet