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MUD Puma Pod 1

MUD Puma Pod 1

  • $56.00

The MUD Puma Pod 1 provides a solution to fitting extra switches and controls into the Tdci (Puma) Defender dashboard.

The footprint of the MUD Puma Pod 1 measures 270mm x 107mm

The maximum width/height of the fascia is 245mm x 75mm

The MUD Puma Pod 1 is supplied as a blank moulding with no cut-out.

The MUD Puma Pod 1 fits 3x 52mm gauges or 6 Carling Switches (We recommend using a Carling 6 gang mount for ease of fitment).

The MUD Puma Pod 1 is fastened to the top surface of the Tdci Dashboard using plastic rivets. The Puma Pod 1 moulding uses a CAD manufacturing process to precisely follow the Tdci dashboard profile.

The MUD Puma Pod attaches to the top of the dashboard using the plastic rivets provided.

Fixing holes will have to be drilled into the top of the dashboard for the fixings. An additional hole is required in the pen-tray in the top of the Puma Dashboard in order to route wiring etc.