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Demister/Defrost 14.5" Dash Vent Trim Set

  • $140.00

These are replacements for the front dash windscreen demister/defrost vent trim pieces, as the factory vents tend to warp/distort over time from heat & sun damage. They are a direct replacement for factory part number #BTR912, which are the 14.5” long vents that fit model year 1989+ from Defender vin FA453192 on (please note these will NOT fit the smaller 10.5” #MTC6040 vent from earlier trucks ~1983-1988).

These replacements are milled from solid aluminum, and powdercoated black to match the factory color and provide a durable finish and are a great upgrade to any Defender, and a durable solution that will last a lifetime.
Includes a SET OF 2 Dash Demister/Defrost Dash Vent Trim Pieces.